The story goes something like this. During an impromptu meeting in late 2004, the President and Co-Founder of Backcountry.com expressed his concern that the company was listing so many items (around 12,000), that it might become hard for people to find what they're looking for. Someone jested that the obvious solution was to carry just one thing at a time. Three weeks later, a new chapter in online retailing was written.

SteepandCheap.com originated as a one deal per day website offering discounts up to 80% off. With increased interest and an army of loyal followers, deals would quickly sell out. To address this problem, it changed from its one deal per day format to one deal at a time. Now items are listed for a specified amount of time or until they sell out. There is one additional One Deal At a Time (ODAT) website: Whiskeymilitia.com

Today, the ODAT sites are faster paced than ever. Frequently, items sell out before their predetermined end time and once again we are face with a dilemma: people can't seem to find what they are looking for. Often, desired items are listed when people are not paying attention and sell out before people become aware of them.

I say it's time to write another chapter in online retailing. This one is called Deals on Demand and it will forever change how discounted items are delivered to consumers.

SAC Alerts allows you to take control of your one deal at a time destiny by indicating what you're looking for and how you'd like to be notified when it's listed. You'll receive instant alerts and never cringe at the thought of closing your browser window for fear of missing your dream deal. We'll be here when you're not.

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