If you would rather discuss in private, please email me at [sacalerts1](at)[]

Wednesday, November 17th at 11:15

Unable to stop SMS alerts. I have repeatedly texted "STOP", "stop", and "Stop" without success. Iphone on tmoblie.

I'm sorry for the issue. Can you email me at [sacalerts1](at)[] ? I'll need your email or phone number to look into the issue.

Thursday, July 1st at 16:15

Unable to verify phone number on TMobile

Unfortunately some cell phone providers have chosen to block SAC Alerts because users subscribed to receive too many alerts. Email alerts are the more reliable option.

Unfortunately some cell phone providers have chosen to block SAC Alerts because users subscribed to receive too many alerts. Email alerts are the more reliable option.

Saturday, November 14th at 11:16

Please update/sync your site. The history is 3 months old at the moment. Thanks!

History is sync'ing again. Thank you for reporting the issue. It's a quick fix, so please reach out if you notice stale data in the future. Cheers!

Monday, January 27th at 10:20

Never mind my previous post. I figured it out.

Monday, January 27th at 10:13

I want to turn the notifications off on my browser (google chrome), but can't figure out how to do it. There doesn't seem to be an obvious way on the website.

Wednesday, June 26th at 07:53

All of a sudden I started getting a ton of alerts I had never subscribed for.

If you can email me I can help you out. The mail server was down for several months and was recently restarted so it's possible you had alerts set a long time ago but they just were not going through.

Thursday, April 25th at 06:40

SAC Alerts History and Future deals not updating? I've been sharing the love and showing several people the site, but I'm seeing the same items in the History and Future pages. History shows that last item was 2019.02.18 at 23:19pm. Is SAC Alerts no longer supported?

Sunday, April 21st at 04:45

Hello, I’ve tried to register twice now and I’m not receiving the email confirmation. How do I get that?

Sunday, April 21st at 04:44

Hello, I’ve tried to register twice now and I’m not receiving the email confirmation. How do I get that?

Thursday, March 21st at 17:08

Site is not updating?

Friday, September 21st at 17:14

Cannot verify phone - no confirmation code sent even after clicking resend.

Unfortunately, some providers have blocked delivery of SMS messages from SAC Alerts. Email alerts are the only reliable method of delivery, with SMS intermittently working on some networks.

Tuesday, September 11th at 20:52

I can’t seem to verify my phone number, i never receive the 4 digit code I’m on AT&T and selected both AT&T and AT&T (mms), neither worked.

Tuesday, August 28th at 15:38

Two problems: 1. I have 22 keywords split across include and exclude, but when I click on Keywords to review them and update them, it does not show any in include and only 2 in exclude. 2. I have two words in exclude (separately), but they still send notifications to my phone almost daily. (oxygym) and (futura) Thanks!

I was able to reproduce and fix the issue. It was due to a bug I introduced while make updates across the site. Thank you for helping me track it down and I'm sorry for any frustration it has caused.

Friday, August 24th at 11:40

Windows 10, Chrome Steep and Cheap Countdown timer and the Chain Love timer All of a sudden, both of them have started making a tone each time the new item bubble comes up. I checked the settings and both are still unchecked for Sounds so I'm not sure what to do other than remove them both. Please advise.

Is the tone one of the three tones (groovee, honk, siren) available in the extension options or a Windows 10 system tone? I should have access to a Windows 10 PC this evening and will update if I can reproduce the issue. Thanks for brining this to my attention.

SOLUTION: It looks like Windows 10 is playing the notification sound. To disable go to Start Menu > Settings > Notifications & actions. Scroll down until you find Chrome and click on it, then find the option to "Play a sound when notification arrive" and disable it.

Wednesday, August 8th at 05:51

Ooops! Can't fetch information about the current deal from's servers. Please be patient while they resolve the problem. Meanwhile, check your internet connection or try restarting your browser.

Hi, I would like to help you but need more information. Is this happening in an extension? On Firefox or Chrome? Can you get in touch with me over email and we can work through the issue. I cannot reproduce currently.

Update: I believe I resolved this error. The extension was going into an error state if an update request ever timed out. This may have happened if the computer was hibernating and waking up.

Version 4.5.0 should be in the Chrome App Store soon. Please update.

Monday, August 6th at 15:57

cant register for the alerts I am in south america so i dont have a us phone number . How can i register ?

SAC Alerts does not send international SMS. You can receive alerts in your email instead.

Thursday, February 22nd at 10:06

I haven't been able to get sacalerts for a month now. What can I do?

There was an outage in the notification service which has now been resolved. Emails continue to be the most reliable medium.

Tuesday, September 5th at 09:50

It appears the "Future Deal" page is no longer showing future deals.

Thank you for reporting the issue. It seems to be a transient failure but I please let me know if you see any additional failures. All these comments go directly to my email. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 2nd at 10:18

I tried setting up an account, there was no confirmation and I'm not even sure it registered any of my info. I tried purchasing a couple of items and it always stated my "cart was empty". There is no way of checking my account or anything to verify I can purchase. Can I get some help, please?

I think you are referring to your experience on They offer great support and you can contact them directly via their website.

Wednesday, May 10th at 06:54

how can i update my e-mail address while maintaining the same account??

You can reach me at [sacalerts1](at)[] and I can do the update for you. There is no way for you to do it yourself. Sorry.

Friday, March 3rd at 11:34

The deals are not updating.

Thanks for the bug report. I have the Backcountry feed working again.

Friday, January 13th at 06:42

Never get txt alerts anymore but the this morning flooded with them, 30 or so all qty 0. Verizon network.

The qty count is broken due to an update to Backcounty's data format. Were they messages triggered by your keywords or random? Just reply 'stop' if you want to disable SMS alerts.

Monday, May 30th at 13:52

Cant enter verification numbrr

I just tried using Google Chrome and it worked. Can you email me and give more info? What browser? Are you not being texted the code or the form won't accept the code you're entering. Email address is at the top of this page. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 18th at 16:46

How do I stop emails from steep and cheap? I don't see an unsubscribe link on the webpages.

If you're talking about SAC Alerts emails, there is an unsubscribe link as described here: There should be an unsubscribe link in any emails from Steep and Cheap as well. If there is not, I believe you need to contact customer support.

Monday, April 4th at 11:35

Google's Project Fi is my cell provider. I tried selecting both Sprint and T-Mobile but don't get a verification sms. Can you add Fi as a carrier?

I have added Google Fi to the cellphone provider list. Let me know if you have trouble receiving SMS. Cheers!

Sunday, April 3rd at 21:12

Current iOS system iPhone. Steep and cheap app not working. Will not allow selecting or purchasing options

SAC Alerts does not develop the Steep and Cheap iPhone app. Please report your issue to directly.

Saturday, April 2nd at 01:09

Can't actually buy anything in any Apple apps. There's no way to select an item and/or add it to the cart. Lame.

Please report your issue to directly.

Saturday, March 26th at 06:43

im getting an error message when entering my phone number at checkou, help?

Please report your issue to directly.

Saturday, October 10th at 13:28

my service provider is not listed in your menu. My service provider is ruralnetwork services

I cannot find any information about this provider. Maybe they're an ATT or Verizon reseller?

Tuesday, October 6th at 13:14

The Google Chrome extension (sacalerts) is fouled up, probably because someone redesigned the SteepandCheap website and now there is a disconnect. I can see current deals but can't order them! Right now there is a deal for Jetboil Sol Titanium for $109.99 (3:13 PM CDT) but if you click the link.. just a new home page. Fix it. or lose a long-time customer across all your sites. Thanks, -Glenn