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What is the fourth word in this sentence?

Wednesday, August 2nd at 10:18

I tried setting up an account, there was no confirmation and I'm not even sure it registered any of my info. I tried purchasing a couple of items and it always stated my "cart was empty". There is no way of checking my account or anything to verify I can purchase. Can I get some help, please?

Wednesday, May 10th at 06:54

how can i update my e-mail address while maintaining the same account??

Tuesday, April 4th at 07:49

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Friday, March 3rd at 11:34

The deals are not updating.

Thanks for the bug report. I have the Backcountry feed working again.

Thursday, February 9th at 13:28

I got the verification SMS, but when a keyword matches, I get the email alert, but not the SMS alert. Also, now I receive no verification SMS when I attempt to re-verify.

Monday, January 30th at 06:57

Too many alerts of the same product

Friday, January 13th at 06:42

Never get txt alerts anymore but the this morning flooded with them, 30 or so all qty 0. Verizon network.

The qty count is broken due to an update to Backcounty's data format. Were they messages triggered by your keywords or random? Just reply 'stop' if you want to disable SMS alerts.

Wednesday, January 11th at 14:35

I've registered but haven't gotten an email to confirm. I've got a Yahoo email address and it hasn't gone into Spam either.

Wednesday, January 11th at 14:28

I've registered but haven't gotten an email to confirm. I've got a Yahoo email address and it hasn't gone into Spam either.

Monday, November 21st at 17:34

I cannot get notifications sent to my cell anymore. I am verizon

Monday, October 3rd at 08:42

I cannot get the SMS sent to my cell. T-mobile is my provider.

Sunday, September 18th at 13:33

Can you add Google Voice to the carrier list? I can't verify my SMS.

Monday, May 30th at 13:52

Cant enter verification numbrr

I just tried using Google Chrome and it worked. Can you email me and give more info? What browser? Are you not being texted the code or the form won't accept the code you're entering. Email address is at the top of this page. Thanks.

Monday, May 30th at 13:52

Cant enter verification numbrr

Wednesday, May 18th at 16:46

How do I stop emails from steep and cheap? I don't see an unsubscribe link on the webpages.

If you're talking about SAC Alerts emails, there is an unsubscribe link as described here: There should be an unsubscribe link in any emails from Steep and Cheap as well. If there is not, I believe you need to contact customer support.

Monday, April 4th at 11:35

Google's Project Fi is my cell provider. I tried selecting both Sprint and T-Mobile but don't get a verification sms. Can you add Fi as a carrier?

I have added Google Fi to the cellphone provider list. Let me know if you have trouble receiving SMS. Cheers!

Sunday, April 3rd at 21:12

Current iOS system iPhone. Steep and cheap app not working. Will not allow selecting or purchasing options

SAC Alerts does not develop the Steep and Cheap iPhone app. Please report your issue to directly.

Saturday, April 2nd at 01:09

Can't actually buy anything in any Apple apps. There's no way to select an item and/or add it to the cart. Lame.

Please report your issue to directly.

Saturday, March 26th at 06:43

im getting an error message when entering my phone number at checkou, help?

Please report your issue to directly.

Friday, December 11th at 13:17

I used to have a little pin so that I could get notifications of sales but now I seem to only be able to use it as an extension which pins it to my chrome toolbar. On top of that, I have to keep chrome open in order to get the notification. WTF?! HELP

Friday, December 11th at 04:39

I am a T-Mobile custome. When I try to verify, I don't receive the verification text. Maybe an issue with T-Mobile?

Saturday, October 10th at 13:28

my service provider is not listed in your menu. My service provider is ruralnetwork services

I cannot find any information about this provider. Maybe they're an ATT or Verizon reseller?

Tuesday, October 6th at 13:14

The Google Chrome extension (sacalerts) is fouled up, probably because someone redesigned the SteepandCheap website and now there is a disconnect. I can see current deals but can't order them! Right now there is a deal for Jetboil Sol Titanium for $109.99 (3:13 PM CDT) but if you click the link.. just a new home page. Fix it. or lose a long-time customer across all your sites. Thanks, -Glenn


Monday, August 31st at 07:25

How can I change my email address while keeping the same account? I don't want to have to type in all of the keywords on a new account. Thanks!

Thursday, August 27th at 10:44

please send out a sms or email blast when you're back and running. I'll miss SACalerts till then. Good Luck!

bad week to go on vacation :) seems that all is well now. i don't really know what went wrong, but likely could not access data from for some time. sorry about that.

Sunday, August 16th at 08:32

I didn't receive the verification number on my phone. Can you help, JNC

Thursday, July 30th at 13:37

If I check the sms with verification code, when I switch back to the webpage it reloads the page so the pop-up window to enter it is closed and opening it again will send a new code and invalidate the one I just checked. Is this a cruel joke?

I can't seem to reproduce the issue. At what point does the page reload, when you focus on the confirmation code input? Also, it would help to know what browser you are using.

Tuesday, July 21st at 20:31

How do I set the alert start and alert end time to get notifications 24 hours a day?

12am to 12am

Tuesday, April 21st at 08:44

Cool idea: 1) Why not use operators like CraigsList search? Putting a "-" in front of a word means exclude those results 2) What sites are searched? The icons next to the keyword search box are totally mysterious. Maybe in the "Help" section provide a key to what those icons are.

You're right. The site branding has changed quite a bit over the years and those icons are quite outdated now. Will put it on the backlog of things to fix.

Tuesday, March 10th at 13:59

When will you get future deals for Chainlove????